Bespoke Kitchens


  1. Units made of 18mm strong walls and 18mm strong glued and dowel back, MFC kitchen cabinets.
  2. Over 500 Cabinet Colours available
  3. Any design, Material and Colour are available as offered in the market.
  4. Rigid Glue and Dowelled Unit construction.
  5. 2mm unit front edging.
  6. Complete service from 1st survey to the end of the project by your dedicated Project Manager.
  7. Bespoke kitchens designed to fit your needs.
  8. Check Bespoke kitchens approximate prices Kitchen design section, to help you keep the budget in control.
  9. Our Expert advisors are available to help you choose the best kitchen for your home with complete project management, leave your details at the contact us page and one of our Expert advisors will contact you as soon as possible.

Who is it for?

Customers who seek the finest quality product in bespoke sizes, German quality carcasses type in lowest prices as compared to other high-end retailers. Please check our fitted kitchen videos to understand the highest of quality and design in detail. 

Bespoke kitchen requires a lot of attention hence why our staff is always available for your help.

Quality type?

Customers can have any quality and design available in the market. We keep the maximum number of designs of the market.

Carcass types – all round 18mm rigid carcass ( 18 mm solid back), colour options available with 2mm edging optinal

Doors – almost any door type offered in the kitchen industry, is available in customized sizes for our bespoke kitchen clients. Including the concrete, stone, metal or any other type available.

Colour –  any colour available or offered by any retailer in the market

Unique Point of Buying?

We give customers the most comfortable service by bringing all samples to their door step, any design ( as long as it is practical) is on our finger tips for completion.


 Price ?

In Bespoke industry of kitchens, our company stands at the highest level offering the lowest prices to help our customers. Every bespoke client saves a huge amount of money on every kitchen.

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